About Us

Who are we? We are the makers of the only blending hammer you will ever need to purchase.  Blending has been in our DNA since well before “blending” was the keyword of the day, and we know what a hammer needs to be and do to be successful in all areas of what a PDR tech is going to use it for. Hammers we have used in the past  all had attributes of their own that were superior to others, but none had them all together. This hammer does. All aluminum CNC machined construction means this hammer will never break, the head will never loosen, and the strike will always be 100% true and effective. A perfect balance along with optimum length tells you that this hammer is always comfortable and easy to swing, not matter how much or how little weight is put on each interchangeable side. If you prefer a heavier hammer, just opt for more weight on either side, and for the light hammer lovers, just do the opposite and your hammer is perfect. Fully customizable to cater to your needs. The flat sides of the hammer that blend seamlessly into the head serve a dual purpose. One is to allow the user to strike their favorite knockdown with a sure surface area. The other is to allow the user to use their opposite hand’s finger as a “guide” of sorts on damage that demands more forceful strikes. Finally, the Jackhammer was designed to be sleek and sexy, and we believe we have captured that perfectly. After all, what’s a good blend job without looking good while you’re doing it? No other hammer combines every aspect of what a great hammer should be into one unit like the Jackhammer.  

Try it out today and convince yourself of what we’ve known since this baby came out of the machine shop: It’s the last hammer you’ll ever need.